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Bits and pieces. Chapter 3. Letters.

 Hoy, sis! What's you up to now?
I bet you and Ragi are having your fun at Auridon, aren't you? Makes me kinda jealous, you know? Well, of course you do. You always do...
But seriously, what's you up to? Haven't got a word from you for a couple of months already! That's not very nice of you.
That Razum-Dar you wrote about in your last letter seems like a decent fellow. The "simple Khajiit" part sounds a bit fishy to me, though. Hope I'm wrong, but you always find most unusual ways to find trouble! (For Divines sake, I sound like Geldor now!)
By the way, you're going to be auntie, big little sister! Ta-daaa! For the second time already! You are growing ooooold! Don't punch me! I know, what you'll tell me--I'm growing old too. And our double-daddy Gel is just growing ancient!
I have some more news for you. Remember the girl I wrote you about in my last letter? Well, you won't believe that, but I guess it's becoming serious. We're still together (surprisingly enough) and I really don't want to let her go. We have set the date--the next summer solstice--and I'd be really glad if you can make it here in time for the ceremony. Ma and Da won't tell you anything, but they would be glad to see you too. 
I'm sure there are plenty wayshrines at Auridon and you know that we have a perfectly working one just two days away from the village! Come to visit sometimes, hm? Miss you, sis!
What's with your personal life, I wonder? It won't do if Gel and me will have to take the rap for making new members of our family! Hey, wanna bet who will have twins--you or me? Anyway, if there is some guy who's after you, I wanna have a serious talk with him about treating my big little sister like she deserves that! That's what brothers do! (Am I sounding threatening enough?)
Seems all for now. Ma and Da send you their greetings and Gel sends some too, but he's out at the trading post, so I just pass his on.

Hugs and smoochies.
Your's little big brother, Ryn

PS- I also wanted to ask you if there were any Bosmer girls at Auridon pretty enough to compete with you – and I know what I’m speaking about! I see that face every time I look in the mirror and adding all you curves it’s just woo-hoo! – but Ma pinned my ears back and Da laughed and said I shouldn’t think about things like that unless I want to cut the part about the next summer solstice out from the letter.

* * *

Dearest brother,
I hope my letter finds you well. I also hope you are not regretting your decision to leave Alinor to study at the Vukhel Guard Mages' Guild.
Mother and father are both well and, as usual, they are completely preoccupied with their research. Mother has recently expressed her concern about your departure to Auridon and the possibility of you being distracted from your studies with--as she said--“some undignified activities.” If it was up to me, as you know, I would prefer you to be happy no matter what the source of it is; but since that is clearly not the opinion our parents would like to hear, I prefer to keep it to myself. Mother also informed me that you've been returning all her letters unopened--do, please, stop this childish behavior. As distant as our parents may seem, they still care for you (at least in their own way).
My alchemy shop is doing pretty well--last month brought me several regular customers, and finally even Father seems to have come to terms with having a child that lacks a talent in arcane arts. I still have my hopes that some day they will stop regarding me as their “good-for-nothing parental failure.”
I have heard a terrible rumors about Daedra appearances at Auridon. I am sure that's nothing more than some fishwives' chitchat, but nevertheless I urge you to be careful if you travel outside the town.

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