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Bits and pieces. Chapter 3. Letters.

 Hoy, sis! What's you up to now?
I bet you and Ragi are having your fun at Auridon, aren't you? Makes me kinda jealous, you know? Well, of course you do. You always do...
But seriously, what's you up to? Haven't got a word from you for a couple of months already! That's not very nice of you.
That Razum-Dar you wrote about in your last letter seems like a decent fellow. The "simple Khajiit" part sounds a bit fishy to me, though. Hope I'm wrong, but you always find most unusual ways to find trouble! (For Divines sake, I sound like Geldor now!)
By the way, you're going to be auntie, big little sister! Ta-daaa! For the second time already! You are growing ooooold! Don't punch me! I know, what you'll tell me--I'm growing old too. And our double-daddy Gel is just growing ancient!
I have some more news for you. Remember the girl I wrote you about in my last letter? Well, you won't believe that, but I guess it's becoming serious. We're still together (surprisingly enough) and I really don't want to let her go. We have set the date--the next summer solstice--and I'd be really glad if you can make it here in time for the ceremony. Ma and Da won't tell you anything, but they would be glad to see you too. 
I'm sure there are plenty wayshrines at Auridon and you know that we have a perfectly working one just two days away from the village! Come to visit sometimes, hm? Miss you, sis!
What's with your personal life, I wonder? It won't do if Gel and me will have to take the rap for making new members of our family! Hey, wanna bet who will have twins--you or me? Anyway, if there is some guy who's after you, I wanna have a serious talk with him about treating my big little sister like she deserves that! That's what brothers do! (Am I sounding threatening enough?)
Seems all for now. Ma and Da send you their greetings and Gel sends some too, but he's out at the trading post, so I just pass his on.

Hugs and smoochies.
Your's little big brother, Ryn

PS- I also wanted to ask you if there were any Bosmer girls at Auridon pretty enough to compete with you – and I know what I’m speaking about! I see that face every time I look in the mirror and adding all you curves it’s just woo-hoo! – but Ma pinned my ears back and Da laughed and said I shouldn’t think about things like that unless I want to cut the part about the next summer solstice out from the letter.

* * *

Dearest brother,
I hope my letter finds you well. I also hope you are not regretting your decision to leave Alinor to study at the Vukhel Guard Mages' Guild.
Mother and father are both well and, as usual, they are completely preoccupied with their research. Mother has recently expressed her concern about your departure to Auridon and the possibility of you being distracted from your studies with--as she said--“some undignified activities.” If it was up to me, as you know, I would prefer you to be happy no matter what the source of it is; but since that is clearly not the opinion our parents would like to hear, I prefer to keep it to myself. Mother also informed me that you've been returning all her letters unopened--do, please, stop this childish behavior. As distant as our parents may seem, they still care for you (at least in their own way).
My alchemy shop is doing pretty well--last month brought me several regular customers, and finally even Father seems to have come to terms with having a child that lacks a talent in arcane arts. I still have my hopes that some day they will stop regarding me as their “good-for-nothing parental failure.”
I have heard a terrible rumors about Daedra appearances at Auridon. I am sure that's nothing more than some fishwives' chitchat, but nevertheless I urge you to be careful if you travel outside the town.

Bits and pieces. Chapter 2.

 “Ah, Lian, there you are! Come, we have a guest, and she needs some help with special guild's library archives." Valaste motioned him to approach her and a small dark-haired Bosmer who was standing with her back to him. "Rin, this is Lylianthar, one of our most prominent young mages. Lian, this is"
The emerald green met golden honey.
"An insane and drunk tavern wench, apparently," the Bosmer finished for her.
"Um..." Lian blinked.
"Gwilwering." Her tone was light, but he felt the tension behind this lightness.
"Oh, I guess you've already met, then? As I've mentioned, Lian, Gwilwering needs to look through some books and I want you to lend her a hand." Keeping a straight face, Valaste turned to walk away.
"Since she is too short to reach for the top shelves, I guess?" sneered the Altmer.
The Bosmer's brows shot up.
"Oh, don't worry, I'm not awfully heavy, so holding me on your shoulders when I decide to look there won't break your back," she purred.
They glared at each other for several tense seconds before finally heading to the library.
* * *
"Why would you need a book on the bloodsuckers, anyway?" asked Lian, watching the girl who was rummaging through the piles of old books, occasionally making notes in her journal. Rin sat on the floor surrounded by books and looked absolutely comfortable, as if belonging there.
"To know how to hunt them, obviously," answered the Bosmer without raising her head from the book. And kill them. Well, and how it can be cured too--not that I'm planning to let any of these... things... near my neck, but just in case, you know."
"You are going to hunt vampires?" Lian arched his brow incredulously. “You?”
"Mhm... Why?”
“Have you ever hunted anything more dangerous than–let me think–a deer?”
That got Bosmer's attention; she finally raised her eyes to glare at him. “And what do you know about hunting, Mister I-am-a-broody-and-powerful-mage? For the record, I hunted down my first bear when I was barely one hundred years old!” She hissed like an angry cat.
“Oh, and did it die of laughter when a slip of a girl like you jumped out of the bushes?”
“You... you...” she slowly exhaled and closed her eyes counting to ten. “You know what? I guess you have a lot of important magic things to do, don't you? I'll manage here myself.”
“You wish. Chief librarian will have my head if I leave someone who is not a Guild member alone with the books.”
“Ok, truce, then?”
Lian sighed, not even sure what made him to pick on the Bosmer girl in the first place. “Truce.”
“Good, and so that you know, an injured stag or a doe, protecting her fawn, can be almost as dangerous as a bear.”
Invaluable piece of lore. He bit his tongue before the jab escaped his mouth and just nodded.
These” --Rin motioned at the books around her-- “won't do. I need to get to the top shelves. Lower down, so I can get on your shoulders," she added with a mischievous smirk.
"You're impossible!" the mage rolled his eyes. "Which one do you need?" he asked, moving a step ladder.
"Those two on the left look promising."
"Right." He reached for the books, unaware of a lingering look Rin gave his back. When he hopped from the ladder, she was already staring in her notes, whispering something inaudible. "Here."
"Yay! That's what I need!" Rin practically clapped her hands.
* * *
"And – done!" proclaimed the little elf half an hour later. She stood up and stretched languidly. "Do you need help putting everything back in order?"
"No, you've already lingered here more than enough," Lian said dryly.
"Oh," she sighed, visibly disappointed. "Bye, then."
Rin paused at the door turning to look at him.
"I... apologize, for what I said earlier today. And the other day at the tavern. That was unjust."
Smile slowly crept at her lips. "Apology accepted."

And with that she was gone.

Bits and pieces. Chapter 1.

 "What am I doing wrong, huh?" A tiny Bosmer elf looked over the rim of the cup with spiced tea across the table at her Khajiit friend and soul confidante. "He said that I'm reckless and intimidating! Intimidating! Can you believe that?"
"Mmm... You can be that, this one thinks."
"Hey! Don't look at this one like that! Remember that thug back at Khenarthi's Roost - you promised to castrate him if he doesn't leave this one alone and--"
"But he did threaten you, Ragi; that makes the difference! That guy hasn't threatened any of my friends. Or me... What am I doing wrong? I really want some sort of proper relationship, someone who cares for me, not just a one-night stand, you know! Girls can dream, right?"
"This one knows. Rin, you can be nice and cute. Raz thinks you're cute, by the way,” the Khajiit thief dropped casually. “This one thinks he speaks about it even too often for this one's taste..."
Hearing that, Gwilwering choked on her drink. "What! Ragi, you know I would never... Gods above! You know I know how you feel about him."
"I'm kidding! I'm kidding! Don't fret!" Bagir-Ra laughed heartily. "Ah, but you should have seen your face! Raz was right when he said telling you that would be fun!"
"I will shave him! I will shave both of you bald!"
"See? Now you're intimidating! Oh, this one knows. Let's just ask someone if you are cute or intimidating and not suited for courting and other fluffy stuff!"
"Bagir-Ra! Don't--" Rin felt her cheeks going hot.
"How about that guy over there? This one will go ask."
"Ragi, stop! Don't you dare!" She leaped across the table, trying to catch her friend's tail, but the Khajiit was already out of her reach.
"Hey, you, yeah, you!” Bagir-Ra stood at the middle of the tavern facing the broody-looking young Altmer mage who was sitting alone at the table in the corner with a glass of wine and a fat book. "What do your high elven standards of female virtues tell you about this one's friend? Is she good enough to become someone's muse?" She shot the Bosmer a quick glance, baring her teeth in a wide grin.
Rin looked at the mage too, the emerald green of her eyes meeting golden honey of his, her face dark crimson with embarrassment. "Will shave you!" she mouthed, glancing at Bagir-Ra.
The Altmer shut the book and downed his glass, rising from the table. "They say you two are just insane and drunk tavern wenches worth neither courting nor even a mere shade of interest," he said lowly, heading toward the exit.
Color drained from Rin's cheeks.
"Well, that was... rude." The Khajiit shifted her attention back to her friend. "I'm sorry, kitten, I thought it would be fun..."
"Shut up, Ragi."
"Who would have guessed that he's going to be such a Mister-Broody-Pants!"
"Just. Shut. Up."
* * *
"Is she good enough to become someone's muse?...Am I good enough to become your muse?"
Lian sighed and shut the book that had been open to the same page for at least an hour; as much as he tried, he hadn't gotten through it anyway. Emerald-green eyes on a rapidly paling face haunted him.
He had seen that Bosmer girl before in the Guildhall--wandering around, crafting glyphs at the enchanting table and talking to the senior mages. Something was different about her; maybe it was almost dreamy expression in her eyes when she looked at the books at the guild bookshelves. A hunter that fancies reading--a peculiar sight indeed. And she was lovely; he had to give her that. And tiny. And now he had called her a drunken tavern wench though knowing perfectly well that she was completely sober--he had overheard her ordering a spiced tea. Brilliant! Simply brilliant.
"You could congratulate yourself," the mage scoffed.
That coal-furred Khajiit had caught him off guard. Why had she needed to pester him anyway? "Stupid cat!" the Altmer mumbled, plopping down on his bed. It was well past midnight and he really had to try and get some sleep; there was a lot to be done next morning. 

Lylianthar and Gwilwering

Лиан и Рин -персонажи онлайновой РПГ Elder Scrolls Online, о которых моя подруга Венди подбила меня написать фанфик. Лиан - алтмер, маг, обладатель скверного и замкнутого характера. Рин - босмер (лесная эльфка), охотница, воровка, душа компании. И еще они - отличная пара. Только они сами еще об этом только подозревают.

Вообще Венди положительно на меня влияет. Вытаскивает, так сказать, на свет божий меня образца примерно 5-7 летней давности. С ее деликатного попинывания я опять начала рисовать, начала писать, и теперь мне опять хочется делать фото-рецепты. Дайте мне еще, пожалуйста, 48 часов в сутки. А то 24х мне не хватает!

Ох, как я давно сюда не писала!

Привет, дорогие мои, кто меня еще не повыкинул из подписок =)

воскресенье, 20 января 2013 г.

Розыгрыш! Розыгрыш!

Очень извиняюсь за задержку - вчера так замотались, что время и силы на то, чтобы все подписать и сделать, появились только вечером, когда Рука Судьбы уже спала... Да и фотографировать при дневном свете, конечно, прсто удобнее)))
Итак, без лишних слов...






За Рукой Судьбы пришлось побегать, чтоб результат узнать! :lol:


Атавика - моя ПЧ-елка с джорналс.ру =)

Поздравляю победитедьницу и жду пожеланий по дополнениям к конфетке.

Спасибо большое всем, кто участвовал и подписался на мой дневник, надеюсь, вам тут нравится независимо от розыгрыша! ^____^ А вообще, я подумываю уже, какую бы еще конфетку организовать =)

четверг, 17 января 2013 г.

Мои прекрасные. И змей.

То есть пингвин =) Воздушный пингвин, не абы как! =)
Перед новым годом мы купили воздушного змея, но запустить его выбрались только в прошедшие выходные. Это был таааакой фан!

Под катом еще две фотографии

четверг, 10 января 2013 г.

Стелла aka DAL Melize

Итак, на Новый год любимый муж сбыл мою давнюю и очень трепетную мЯчту! У меня появилась большая куколка из серии DAL

Думала-думала, как ее назвать, в итоге выбрала имя Стелла =)
До сего момента я была уверена, что шитье это "вообще не мое" - уж сколько раз пробовала, никогда не получалось. Но, как оказалось, если козерог говорит "не умею, не, вообще не мое", он просто недооценивает собственное упрямство и размеры вожжи, которая может попасть под козерожий хвост!
Сначала сделала юбочку...

А потом размеры вожжи приобрели нереальный характер - и сшилось платье =)))

Вот такая у меня прекрасная девица появилась

среда, 2 января 2013 г.

Утки! У-у-у! (с)

Недалеко от нашего дома есть большой парк с болотцами. Обычно мы ходим туда на детскую площадку, а вчера вот пошли вглубь, к уткам =)
Это, скажу я вам, что-то с нечтом!

Эти красотки мало того, что упитанные иной раз до почти сферической формы, так еще и непуганные от слова абсолютно!

вторник, 1 января 2013 г.

Что делал слон, когда пришел Наполеон?

Не знаю, что делал бы слон, а мы вот с удовольствием этот наполеон хомячим =))
Новогодний десерт этого года - торт "Наполеон", 20 слоев нежности =)

Happy New Year!

Пусть задуманное сбудется, мечты исполнятся, родные и близкие будут здоровы, и во всем сопутствует удача!

четверг, 13 декабря 2012 г.

Спасибо за наградку!

Спасибо Наташе-Akvamarin за наградку и приятные слова!


А я в свою очередь передаю наградку замечательным мастерицам-рукодельницам, чьим творчеством не устаю восхищаться:

1. Кате и ее дневнику "Рыжие рукоделки" - http://rigierukodelki.blogspot.co.nz

2. Оле и блогу "Простые волшебные вещи" - http://ditusya.blogspot.co.nz

3. Свете и блогу"Азбука мишек" - http://abcbears.blogspot.co.nz/

4. Кате и ее блогу "Katrin Black HANDMADE" - http://katrinblack.blogspot.co.nz/

5. Ирочке и блогу "Баконя фра Брне" - http://bakonjafrabrne.blogspot.co.nz/

Ну, и немножко о себе (начало тут):
8. Любимый кухонный агрегат - духовка :) По этой причине лучше всего мне удаются выпечка и запеканки :)))
9. На настоящий момент я перевела несколько кулинарных книг. Больше всего я горжусь трехтомником Делии Смит и книжкой о детскому питанию.
10. Сейчас мы с мужем и сыночком живем в Новой Зеландии. Муж работает, а мы с детенышем сидим дома =) Надеюсь, с нового учебного семестра устроим детку в садик, и мне можно будет снова взяться за переводы, соскучилась =)
11. Очень люблю плести из бисера, но давно уже не получалось этим заняться - при бодрствующем двухлетке мелкие бусинки оказываются где угодно, только не на столе (да и вообще особо не рассидишься!), а когда он спит - уже темно плести.
12. Моя любимая сладость - шоколад. Практически любой и в любом виде =) Но - кроме белого.
13. Я ужасная сова! Допоздна не могу уснуть, рано не могу встать. Очень страдаю из-за того, что таки вставать рано приходится...
14. Не люблю жару и влажность (при высокой влажности волосы начинают виться и пушиться). Моя "зона комфорта" - +20-23 и сухая солнечная погода.
15. Генетически я "кудряшка", но утюжком и феном вытягиваю волосы почти в прямые. Почти - потому что абсолютно прямыми они у меня бывают только в течение часа-полутора после похода к парикмахеру)))


Однaжды мужчинa спросил у Богa: "Почeму всe дeвушки милыe, лaсковыe, нeжныe, a жeнщины всe стeрвы и суки?".
И получил в отвeт: "Дeвушeк создaю я, a жeнщин из них дeлaeтe вы!".